Aisle etiquette.....who goes first?

TOP TIP: So, you have everything booked and have planned things down to the last detail...or have you? Have you thought about the order of your wedding party for your procession up the aisle? Most brides will assume that they enter first, and while this is absolutely fine, and indeed the "British" way of doing things, it isn't the only option. You will see debates on all of the wedding forums about this, questions flying back and forth, is it best for the bride to make the grand entrance first, or should the bridesmaids and attendants lead, followed by the bride? The answer is, there is no right answer, but from a personal (and wedding celebrant) point of view, I favour the 'American' way every time. As my brides will know, at my consultations it's one of the questions I raise as it's often overlooked, but it's crucial that you advise your photographer what you decide, after all they will want to make sure they capture you correctly, and each member of your wedding party too! Having your bridesmaids and any page boys or flower girls entering first, allows them to each have their moment, and creates a natural build up to your grand entrance. It also means that once they reach the front of the aisle and take their positions, the path is completely clear for your arrival, and everybody has an un-obscured view of you (including your partner and photographer!). What about same-sex weddings, how will you choose to make your entrance? At the same time but from different points, finally meeting at the front, or one after the other? Who will accompany you? However you choose to begin your journey towards your partner, make sure that you hold your head high, smile and enjoy every single moment!

If you have any concerns about orchestrating your procession to set timings or specific pieces of music, please feel free to contact me to talk it through.

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