One dress, two (or more) different looks!

So you've picked your wedding gown, and are now looking at hair, make up and accessories. Well, how about this for an idea, why not customise your dress for the reception so it looks different from the ceremony? A plain gown can be transformed with an embellished belt or sash around the waist, or even a brooch or custom made corsage in the same material as your dress. You can even style your hair differently, by taking it down it if is up during the day, and removing a tiara, and replacing it with a sparkly headband or hair comb. The options are endless, and you can really change the look and feel of your elegant daytime style, for evening glamour with a few simple accessories. It's possibly the most expensive dress you will ever own so it might as well work hard for you and give you the option to make a statement once you have had your ceremony.

This is particularly relevant if you are having a conservative ceremony, as you could wear a lace bolero or shrug for coverage, and remove this for the evening but replace it with some statement jewellery or hair accessories. Ultimately, have fun with it, you'll want to look back on it as representing who you are, not a dress that just fit the venue.

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