Are you ready for love?

Here is a fab blog from my team member Louise following her couple's wedding this week. . . .

"Welcome to the wedding of Alice and  Seán, "let the fun begin" welcomed me as I stepped into the courtyard of Millbridge Court. Set on an easel on a pink-purple quirkily shaped board with styled moss green writing, the welcome couldn’t have been any better. The sun was high in the sky and at last we had some lovely summer weather. 


knight ceremonies at millbridge court


There was a buzz in the air as the waitresses were setting up the tables and the florist from Blooms Café was busy arranging flowers for the tables and the displays. I headed into the ceremony room to do my checks and set up the signing table. Here I bumped into Anna their videographer who was checking out the venue and the lighting so we had a short chat about where Alice and Seán would be positioned for the vows and the exchange of rings.  

Blooms had created two amazing flower displays in the centre of the huge glass windows covered in moss at the bottom that gave the effect of the flowers moving as if they were in the wild. The scent of the flowers filled the air from the colourful blooms of dahlias, cosmos, gypsohilia and foiliage. Everything was set up by the Millbridge Court team, but I decided to move the front row of chairs to the back and give Alice, Seán, and myself a little more space with the help of Tia as we chatted about the signals we would give so I knew the bride was ready to enter later. Tia confirmed that Alice and her bridesmaid crew were upstairs being pampered but Seán and the groomsmen had not been spotted. 


millbridge court celebrant ceremony


The grounds were looking gorgeous, the lawns all mowed with fabulous stripes, so I went for a wander and videoed the grounds while they were all peaceful! As I walked back in I saw Alice’s mum looking very elegant in a beautiful vibrant pink and red rose themed dress carrying a box of wonderful Harry Potter themed confetti cones, all handmade which were then transferred into the wooden Hogwarts School of Witches and Wizardry, third-year potions box reflecting Alice and Seán’s love of Harry Potter.


mother of the bride


As I entered the wedding breakfast room I was taken aback by the beauty of the pale pinkish, purply tablecloths and the décor. Alice and Seán had a top table to themselves with a wonderful fabric banner “Are you ready for Love?”, the tables were all named after herbs reflecting Alice’s passion for gardening. The menus were written on matching pink card with moss green writing, the food was all vegetarian, a nod to Alice who I know introduced Seán to vegetarianism and its delights.

Next I bumped into Hannah Barnes their photographer who had come all the way from Devon, and we talked about positioning and the way she likes to photograph the main elements of the wedding. Having discussed the confetti shot and what would happen I went in search of my bride Alice. As I climbed the staircase, the anticipation of the scene behind the closed door as I listened to the voices and knocked was palpable. The excitement was oozing out of the door, Alice’s flower girls were nibbling on Percy Pigs, after all they did go with Alice’s colour scheme! There was a grazing tray, three beauty therapists creating wonderful hairstyles and doing the makeup. Several of the bridesmaids were all pampered and preened, the flower girls were looking very beautiful and enjoying all the excitement.  Alice had gone for a wander but as she entered the room, a huge smile beaming on her face I knew we were in for a great day.


knight ceremonies at millbridge court

vows knight ceremonies


Alice looked radiant with her hair and makeup all completed apart from the finishing touches, her lovely white silky shorty Pj’s with Mrs embroidered on the pocket and the final touch her white smiley emoji slippers, just loved them! Glasses of fizz adorned the table, everyone was happy, Alice was very calm and excited and showed me the beautiful vow booklet she had created for herself and Seán with lovely pink, purply ribbons to match her bouquet. We had a little chat, took a few photos and then the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ flowers arrived. Alice was thrilled they were just what she had envisaged. I spoke with Mary-Ann about her bible reading and talked about positioning and voice projection.


props table


As the preparations continued I slipped out of the room and went in search of the Groom and his band of men. Being nowhere to be seen I was given the box of buttonholes for the groomsmen which I placed on the ceremony table to handout later. Guests were starting to arrive and were lounging comfortably in the front drawing area, sipping water, and having some drinks while they waited for the ceremony, some guests were sporting very fine kilts! Peeping outside I spied Seán standing chatting by a very beautiful shiny old vintage Aston Martin. Seán like Alice was all smiles and gathering his groomsmen we headed off to the ceremony room to check through everything.





How dapper they all looked in pale brown suits with moss green ties and brown shoes, the ties matching perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses. There was a vintage feel in the air from the decorations to the outfits. Phil one of the readers ran though his poem, I gave Matt the chief music controller a crib sheet, so he knew when to press the buttons and ran through where Seán and Alice were going to sit and stand for the vows and the exchange of rings. What a motley crew they looked as we adorned them with buttonholes and took a few photos, the calm before the ceremony.

Soon it was time to bring the guests into the room and as the chairs filled up I slipped off my mules and added sparkly silver shoes to my outfit. Once the housekeeping message was given, the room filled with chatter until I received the thumbs up that Alice and the bridal party were ready, I reassured Seán that Alice was here, gave Matt the nod and to the strains of Clouds above Pompeii,  two beautiful flower girls and one page boy sauntered down the aisle in their fabulous outfits topped off with pink converses for the girls and green converses for page boy, then the bridesmaids started to enter one by one, in lovely moss green off the shoulder dresses and made their way to the front, everybody admiring their hairdos and the delicate gypsophila placed in their hair.


As Seán and Sam his best man stood at the front watching the bridal party enter the sunlight shone through the room and as Alice and her dad Peter entered the room and made their way down the aisle Seán’s face was covered with the biggest smile and the most adoring eyes.


Alice wore a cream chiffon lace wedding dress, and she sparkled as she walked. As they were reunited, Sam slipped into his seat, they exchanged a few words took their seats and then the ceremony began.

Mary Ann read movingly from Colossians, very fitting as it was at a church in Winchester back in 2015 that Alice and Seán first met, I told their love story and Phil read the poem The Art of Marriage. As Seán and Alice exchanged vows, applause erupted, they were so beautiful and so them, Rachel, Ross, and Chandler would have been impressed. On pronouncing them husband and wife Alice and Seán signed their certificate and were joined by Lucie and John as their witnesses. As Pennies from Heaven filled the air the flower girls and pageboy did a little jive and Alice and Seán walked up the aisle to cheers and whooping. As the guests started to filter out into the garden to be given their confetti cones they were directed towards the oak arbour in the garden where Hannah lined them all up on either side ready for the confetti throw. As Hannah led Alice and Seán down the path of guests no one threw their confetti, they stood in the arbour looking out at all their guests and soaking the atmosphere in and then the confetti started to fly though the air as they ambled down through their friends and back into the garden where they sealed their love with an impromptu kiss. Drinks were handed out, pink tequila cocktails, fizz and lemonade for the children and guests mingled as Alice and Seán chatted with their friends and family. The atmosphere was one of pure joy, family, and friendship.


drinks station

happy couple millbridge court

wedding rings


I wandered back into the ceremony room having a lovely chat to Seán’s aunt who was staying in the cool of the ceremony room nursing her two arms which were both in casts and cleverly she had managed to find a coordinating turquoise and pink scarf to compliment her outfit. I learnt a little about Seán’s unexpected birth and then I cleared  the table, checked the room, and then went in search of Alice and Seán to say goodbye.

Alice showed me her beautiful nails all tipped with flowers in honour of her grandad and the charm on her bouquet. I left Seán being mesmerised by a young guest’s magic trick with numbers and yes Seán it was 4 you were thinking of! Alice was sipping on her cocktail talking animatedly to friends. The sun was shining on the gardens of Millbridge Court, I thanked Tia and Chloe, wished Anna and Hannah good luck for the rest of the day, and quietly left through the house admiring the photo station, their loved one’s table, and the tattoo station. In the carpark another adventure was unfolding, one of the guests had managed to lock their car keys into the boot of their stunning vintage Aston Martin and the Millbridge team were trying to assist to find a way to break in! After much deliberation, it was decided that maybe it couldn’t be done.

I drove off through the gorgeous countryside leaving a night of partying ahead for Alice and Seán, the new Mr and Mrs Ward. Such a beautiful day, Alice and Seán you were certainly READY FOR LOVE! 


knight ceremonies millbridge court


Louise x"


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