Naming Days with Knight Ceremonies

As Knight Ceremonies wraps up peak wedding season for 2014, attentions turn to a different kind of celebration...Naming Days! A flurry of enquiries are coming in for personalised services that welcome and acknowledge new additions to families. The law states that you must register your baby within 42 days of it being born, and so once this is completed, you are free to choose a ceremony that best reflects your tastes and beliefs. For non religious celebrations, the automatic assumption is that you must book a registrar, and while this is not wrong, it is not the only option. Obviously a naming ceremony has no legal requirements and so booking a registrar can often be more costly and seem a little superfluous to requirements, so why not consider a celebrant. As your local celebrant I can perform personalised heartfelt services in your choice of location, be it at home or in a venue significant to your family. I can work with you to incorporate things like a sand ceremony or a fingerprint tree, and you can involve older siblings or other family members to really make it unique, and of course memorable. As a mum to twins I am adept at working with young children and their families, and enjoy conducting ceremonies for single babies, twins and more. Please contact me for more information. I would be delighted to help you with your special day.

Currently conducting ceremonies across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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