Shhhhhhh. . . .it's a Silent Disco!

I have officiated at all different types of wedding this year, and had couples with all sorts of interests but for some, music has played a large part in their relationship. So much so, that they have had musical references in their ceremony, quirky choices of aisle music, tables named after bands in the wedding breakfast, venues with musical history, and receptions with some amazing bands.

If however, your guest list comprises of several generations of family members, friends of all ages and invariably different tastes in music, why not consider a silent disco! 

silent disco 1

One of my recent couples, were big fans of rock music, but appreciated that this might not appeal to all of their loved ones for the evening of dancing, and so they had a range of songs played initially to suit all, and then introduced loads of wireless headphones and the room went silent! Guests could select what they danced to and whilst the lights continued to flash around them, everyone enjoyed moving to their own music choices!

You may find yourself next to someone with the same song on and can dance together, but I suppose the obvious hilarity comes from the fact that people around you will be moving to a different rhythm which may put you off your stride!

I personally don't think I could stop myself from singing as I do love a good warble, so I feel sorry for those not with headphones on, but this is a fab idea not only for guests, but for venues where noise levels might be an issue, or indeed those where music needs to be switched off early.

However you choose to celebrate after your ceremony, make sure it is memorable!

silent disco 3


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