2018 Wedding Season begins at the Skylark Country Club (Hampshire)

This wedding was always going to be a pretty special one as my couple were just so lovely! Getting to know them was a joy, and penning their script came so naturally.

bespoke wedding ceremony

They met at a gig whilst the groom was playing drums, and the bride admits she was smitten immediately! Then, 6 years to the day from becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, these two tied the knot (literally!) and had a beautiful bespoke ceremony in the stunning barn at the Skylark Golf and Country Club in Whiteley, Hampshire.


With music from Marilyn Manson as guests arrived, to a string version of "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica, the ambience was amazing, and it set the tone perfectly for their very personal wedding.

handfasting cords

The couple chose to include a six cord handfasting and asked the best man and chief bridesmaid to come and wrap the cords whilst I read a blessing called "These Hands" that the couple also selected.

happy couple

It went beautifully and with the sunshine streaming in through the windows, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day (well, perhaps a little warmer!).

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Evans and I wish you all the love and happiness for your future. I know you have some big plans xx


(These images are my own. I look forward to sharing the professional ones very soon!)


Wedding Day Team: Celebrant - Jenny Knight (Knight Ceremonies)

Venue - Skylark Country Club (https://www.skylarkcountryclub.co.uk/)

Photographer - Maddy Waters (http://maddiewaters.co.uk/)

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