Autumnal Wedding at Home

What a corker of a day for this lovely couple!  Hannah and Sheldon had decided to make Hannah's parent's family home the setting for their wedding, and it was totally transformed on the day!

Having requested an informal, relaxed, and entertaining ceremony where all their guests were involved, it was like they had described my ideal celebration!  I relished writing their story, and by the day of their wedding, we had created something very special indeed.


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ceremony at home

Knight Ceremonies wedding at home


The sun was out in full force on Saturday, and as I married at the house in the gorgeous Stocking Pelham, the space was a hive of activity.  Amy and Amanda from Louise Perry weddings were busy putting finishing touches to the marquee, and I set about getting my things in place, and headed over to check in with the bride.

They were all getting ready in the house, and the kitchen/diner and orangery were full of bridesmaids, HMUA's, and the photographer and videographer capturing these special moments together.  I ran through entry details with everyone, and made sure they all felt comfortable, having a lovely moment with the bride's mum talking through her 'giving away' moment too.


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It felt like everyone was so excited, and the atmosphere was great!  Back at the marquee, the groom had arrived and so we chatted through a few bits and checked that we had rings on site.  Everything was in place for the start of the arrival of their guests.  

Once we had everyone seated, and the cue had been given to begin, I asked everyone to be upstanding, and the harpist began playing and the bridesmaids, page boy and flower girl came into view.  It was quite the entrance, and when the bride came into the marquee, I looked over at the groom and saw his face full of emotion.  He was clearly delighted to see his lovely lady and wow did she look sensational!


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With the ceremony now underway and everyone welcomed, we had a fabulous reading followed by the couple's love story, told in the form of a poem I'd written especially for them.  I had planned this out and read this to the couple beforehand, making sure that it was delivered in such a way that made it engaging, fun and full of lovely moments.  As I read the words aloud, I scanned the room and saw everyone smiling, laughing, remembering details, and enjoying the journey that they were being taken on.  There was a wonderful opportunity again for guests to be involved, and they relished the chance to express their feelings for the couple.  As I concluded, we had a round of applause for the poem and the couple's lovely story, and then had a wonderful second reading.


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With vows and ring changes about to happen, we spoke about the couple's future, their hopes and dreams, and then everyone got to witness them making special promises to one another, with a sneaky game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who went first (the groom won!).

I was really looking forward to the signing of their wedding day certificate too, as this always allows for a moment for the couple to catch their breath after lots of emotions, and before they walk back down the aisle.  It is also a chance to involve some close family, and the couple had chosen the Bride's aunt Irene and the groom's father Russell.  I had spoken to them before the ceremony and Irene was so excited to be a part of things.  I could see her excitement when the time came to come up and she joined the couple for a photo after adding her signature to their keepsake document along with the Groom's father.  


hannah and sheldon wedding at home

first kiss


As we brought everything to a lovely crescendo, the guests filled the space with their cheers and applause as the couple walked back down the aisle.  The fun didn't stop there either, as the guests all formed two lines, one either side of the entryway outside and armed with confetti, they showered this lovely pair as they re-emerged from the marquee.

Such a lovely day for two amazing people, and a privilege to be a part of their celebrations.

Congrats Hannah and Sheldon, may your future be filled with much love and happiness.




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