As your celebrant, I provide a bespoke service and my fees can vary depending on the location, type of event and the number of client meetings, but all include the process below.

(These fees apply to all venues and settings within a 10 mile radius.  Travel and other associated fees may apply but are agreed with each client on an individual basis.)

  • Weddings for 2018 from £650 
  • Vow Renewals from £450 (evenings or weekday)
  • Vow Renewals on peak weekend dates may be subject to an increased fee as these are normally reserved for weddings
  • Baby Naming ceremonies from £350

Celebrant services

What is involved?

Consultation : Our journey begins at consultation meeting, where I get to know you and how you envisage your celebrations to unfold.  I then send you a summary of all that we have discussed, just so that you can see that I have understood your requirements. 

Booking Confirmation: Once you have had time to review all of the information, I request a deposit and a signed booking form within 5 days of this, and your date, and my time is now secured for your special day!

Writing: with your booking now confirmed, writing then commences!  This is crafted over time and you will have input into the flow of the ceremony and the structure, as well as the wording (that is unique to you). I also liaise with your venue and photographer in advance, to let them know that I am attending on the day, and I advise the photographer of all the personal elements of your service so that they can capture these without any restrictions.   Once you have signed off your final script, I do a run through of your ceremony so that I am well rehearsed and ready for your big day. 

Check-in: I host a skype check-in with my couples just to discuss final details like whether they would still like to stand in the agreed positions, remain standing throughout or prefer to be seated, timings, and what I will do when I arrive, just so everyone is as relaxed as possible.

On the day I arrive early, set up the ceremony area (I come with a fully portable wedding PA system if required), and liaise with musicians, venue contacts, groom and best man, and ensure that everyone knows what is happening. I discuss prompts and signals with the designated person that is letting me know the bride is ready and meet the father of the bride and bridesmaids prior to the ceremony starting, just to ensure they know what to do and when. I then orchestrate and conduct your ceremony, and present you with a folder containing keepsake copies of your certificate, vows and readings. 

It is a comprehensive process which you just don't get sadly with the registration service. 

Why would I use a celebrant as opposed to a registrar?

With a celebrant, the world is pretty much your oyster. You will have to pre-register your union, which is the legal part of your partnership, but your actual ceremony day can include (but is not restricted to): walking down an aisle, exchanging of vows, readings, symbolic rituals, or poetry, or how about making it really memorable with a few surprise elements too!

People will often book me for the following reasons:

  • They really want a ceremony with personal content and a flexible format, that reflects them as a couple
  • The setting or space that they have chosen is unlicensed
  • The venue is available but the registrar is already booked at their preferred time of day

Please see my popular blog post here, on why a celebrant-led ceremony could be for you.

Click here for more details on your legal signing, and the process behind planning your celebrant-led wedding.


Are you affiliated to any religion or belief?

I have and always will retain a neutral standing and am not affiliated to one belief or another. I believe that people deserve to have a memorable event and am happy to incorporate elements of religion into your ceremony, and am able to provide suggestions on how you may be able to do so.


Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions, or you would like a chat about your big day.

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