Our Timeline


We receive your enquiry and send you confirmation of availability.

We will also send you lots of handy links to blogs, ceremony albums

and suggest a chat to learn more about you and your plans!

Feel free to start following me on social media – I post lots of fab images and articles


A consultation takes place where we establish a relationship

and have lovely chats about all of the things that you want to include in your big day. 

I then send you a summary of our discussion, a handy outline of how things might flow on your day

(along with all booking and contractual details).


Once you have had time to review all of the details, a deposit secures your date,

and writing is then scheduled!

Writing something so personal can take a little while (especially if we are part way into peak season) so don’t forget to check me out on social media to follow what I am up to!


This is such a lovely part of our journey!!

I love putting all of my notes into an outline for you, and this will show you

how things could run during your ceremony. 

I then use all of the lovely information that you have given me

(along with my own observations of the two of you)

to create your very own unique ceremony words.

I positively encourage your interaction at this stage, and so do feel free to

reach out with ideas, or indeed for help - you can have as much input into

the style as you wish.  I want you to feel all warm and fuzzy about it!


Things get real!! 

Now that we have a script in place, we can really begin to see how it will all come together

on your big day!  We literally walk through everything, from your arrival and entrance,

to how and where you will stand, who is involved and where they will be. At this point you will be really familiar with your personal script, and have experienced all of the key areas of the ceremony.  Things start to feel less scary – you know I have your back!


Six weeks before your ceremony, we will look at final edits and final payment is made. 

We then schedule in your check in call 7-14 days prior to your wedding day.

Final prep is carried out and I am all ready for your big day!!!