Hindu & British Celebrations at Botleys Mansion (Surrey)

My second couple of today, treated their guests to three ceremonies! They had their legal signing this morning with a few close family members, and then celebrated the bride's Hindu faith with a full garland ceremony. I arrived early to catch some of it and it was magnificent. So colourful and very fragrant from all of the incense, it was a feast for the senses!

I had the third ceremony slot, and whilst the religious celebrations were a hard act to follow, I conducted a very upbeat and yet sentimental service. The fabulous Green Room at Botleys, has a very formal and elegant feel, and this provided a completely different setting for the guests to enjoy. We had combined vow and ring exchange promises, and a some lovely words that the bride selected and asked me to read as part of the ceremony. I loved how they managed to combine two cultures on their day, and I felt honoured to be part of such a full day of celebrations.

With compliments from both families, I am delighted to have delivered such a wonderful ceremony for the couple and all of their guests - lots of great memories for them all. A truly wonderful day!

Congrats Mr & Mrs Hesling!

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