Celebrating 10 years in business!

It was back in 2004 and I was still in an office job, but considering what my long-term plan was, that I realised that I wanted to go back into weddings.  I had young twins and knew that being a planner again was not where I saw myself heading, but instead, I looked at re-training to learn more about family celebrancy.

I liked the personal aspect of this, and how I could really make a difference to a couple.  I felt unguided on my own wedding day, and despite my years of wedding planning experience, during my ceremony, I was in the dark, and the emotions I had made me feel quite 'lost' in the process. Looking back I cannot remember anything that was said. 

What I do recall, however, was how I felt about my husband, and how excited I was to take this next step.  Marriage for me was not about one day, it has always been about a journey together, and I wish I had known then about celebrants as I would have loved to celebrate this more.

Once I had completed my training, I knew that I wanted to make sure each and every one of my couples knew that they could count on me, that they should know that on the day they could relax and let go and that I would guide them and make sure they actually heard what was being said and importantly, that they enjoyed it too!

The idea for Knight Ceremonies was then born.


My business began before social media was as prolific as it is now, and I relied on good old-fashioned relationship building to showcase what I could do to venues and couples alike.  I still do to a large extent and love talking to people and have spent the past decade honing a process that allows for a real 'experience' not just an exchange of money for a document (script).  What we do is so much more, and our couples love this!


In 2015 (just a year into my business) I was approached by an ex-registrar and she asked if she could join my team.  Early the following year, (in 2016), and after receiving so many enquiries, I went from a solo celebrant to a team of two!  Things grew from there and I am delighted to have become one of the leading celebrants (and teams) in the Country.


Established in April 2014.  Became a team in 2016.  Was the first celebrant to achieve an accolade at the TWIA, and following this a dedicated category was created to recognise what celebrants do. Successfully completed a term as celebrant to the Mayor and opened up the eyes of many council members as to what we can do.  Privileged to have been a part of the team that visited the Houses of Parliament to push for equality in the wedding law reform.  


In 2024, and despite some setbacks last year, we are still here, still innovating, and still making a difference to lots of lovely couples and families across the South.

I'll be looking back over the past 10 years in April (my 'business birthday' month), but for now, here are a few images of those heady early days, and a glimpse at my first few ceremonies. 

Thanks for following us, and thanks go to all of those couples, venues, suppliers, and planners that we work with and who recommend us.  

Watch this space for some really exciting things coming up in the Knight Ceremonies story!


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