Gorgeous Multi-Cultural Wedding at Danesfield House

This lovely couple approached us as their original venue fell through, and after securing a new one (at the beautiful Danesfield House near Marlow in Buckinghamshire) with very little time to go, they then secured our services and had a beautifuly personal ceremony at a time that suited them and the rest of their wedding day plans.

This was a multi-cultural wedding and was at a completely new venue for us, and my goodness it looked like it was a corker!

Lorna, my associate celebrant, was leading the day on behalf of Knight Ceremonies, and she reports that an absolutely wonderful day was had by all. Over to you Lorna for your report from this special day . . .

Knight Ceremonies Danesfield House


Although the weather was a bit rainy, it did not dampen the celebrations of this wonderful pair. Over the last couple of months we have been preparing a celebration, with the couples’ story very much at the heart of ceremony, and making a lovely personal tribute to their journey so far.  

Getting to know them has been amazing and I always really enjoyed my meetings with them, ensuring that the wording of the ceremony was what they wanted.

I arrived at Danesfield House and was greeted by the staff and very kindly brought to the room that the ceremony was to be in, very carefully being shown different "landmarks" so that I could make my way around this stunning venue with ease.  Although it was supposed to be an outside ceremony, the weather, unfortunately, was not on our side, so we held the ceremony in the gorgeous Versailles Room.


sitar danesfield house

The room was beautiful and elegant, with glinting chandeliers and a long aisle for our beautiful bride to walk down.  I was met by Graham the toastmaster who was extremely helpful and introduced to the Sitar and Tabla player (to which I was very excited to hear playing).

I caught up with Ali the event manager, who organised down to the last detail from start to finish. We went through the running order and anything else that we needed for the room and couple.  I think we were all a little disappointed not to be outside, but the Versailles Room was a perfect place to be.  

I also found that doing my sound check that the acoustics in the room were brilliant, because of the room’s high ceilings and nature of the building. So, decided against using a microphone to use my voice to float throughout the room.  It was perfect.


Knight Ceremonies Lorna at Danesfield House

Knight Ceremonies Lorna at Danesfield House with musicians


The photographer Luke Deakins had such a lovely couple, a beautiful venue and setting in which to take pictures on Saturday.  He was unobtrusive and the whole day was captured beautifully. I can't wait to see the official pictures!

Once I knew all was set in place, I went to meet Bride who was already on site and Graham the Toastmaster very kindly took me up to her room, also showing me the minstrel's gallery on the way.  I arrived in the room and there was a flurry of last-minute preparations.

The Bride in her beautiful Sari and mum helping. I checked that there were no changes for the ceremony and took her through the steps that she and the bridal party would be taking and times.  Although she did not need to worry about a thing, as I would be there to let her know every step of the way what would come next.


wedding florals danesfield house

I made my way back to the ceremony room and waited to run through things with the groom.  He finally appeared very handsome in his kilt.  As other guests and members of the wedding party arrived, I started to feel very much at home with all the Celtic regalia that was beginning to appear.

That, alongside the colour of the Saris, made this a fabulously colourful occasion.  After going through with the groom the running orders, that were taking place I reassured him that he would not have to think about a thing other than his beautiful bride that was about to come down the aisle... I would guide them both every step of the way.  

Then a change, instead of the confetti being thrown as the couple went back down the aisle, the weather looked like it was going to stay clear until after 3pm, we were going to be outside for the confetti shot.... amazing as the grounds are so beautiful and would make a wonderful photographic shot for the couple!  So, I quickly readjusted the ceremony script and was delighted that it seemed at least they were going to be able to spend some time outside.


danesfield house wedding knight ceremonies


The guests were seated, and the musicians were playing, it was a lovely atmosphere. I love my happy nerves, they dance merrily around my stomach as I wait for my time, to fade out the music and to call the guests to a hush, to then do my housekeeping messages.  Before the Bride walks down the aisle the groom is applauded and cheered, as we all know that once his beautiful bride walks down the aisle all eyes will be on her!

An emotional, personal ceremony followed, with notes of laughter as details of the bride and groom's journey were shared with their nearest and dearest.  It was a great privilege joining this pair through their vows to each other and their exchange of their beautiful wedding rings, which were brought forward by the ring bearer, the Grooms son (a really lovely touch to the day).





We concluded with the signing of the commemorative certificate signed by our bride and groom, and bridesmaid and best man, whilst the Sitar and Tabla played in the background. There was a lovely chatter between the guests as I got our bride and groom ready to make the first steps in the new chapter in their lives. 

As the room quietened I reminded their guests not to throw the confetti as this was now to take place outside as rain had stopped. Our Confetti fairy flower girls of the day had done an amazing job of handing this out before and during the signing and everyone was looking forward to throwing this in the beautiful gardens. I'm sure that it made for the most amazing pictures.


Knight Ceremonies Multi Cultural wedding

As the guests then stood, I was delighted to announce "The Happy Couple", then they walked down the aisle together into their next adventure.

A wedding day is such a special day and I am delighted that these two had such an amazing time with family and friends. Their comments the next day were just lovely too!

"Hi Lorna, We just wanted to send a small message to say a HUGE thank you for everything yesterday! 

We had such an incredible day and the ceremony was our favourite part. Thank you so much for holding our hand throughout the process and delivering such a beautiful ceremony for us. We are floating with happiness today! :) Thank you! G&T xx"


Knight Ceremonies Lorna


 I would like to wish our couple all the love, luck and happiness for their future together!  What an amazing day!

(All pictures taken by Lorna McIntyre pre-ceremony)


Dream Team:

Venue - Danesfield House, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Celebrant - Lorna at Knight Ceremonies
Photographer - Luke Deakin Photography
Events Team - Ali Waheed and Team from Mr Flavour Events Management











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