Shhh. . . .it's a surprise Vow Renewal!

When Gary (one half of my couple) contacted me to enquire about a surprise vow renewal I was so excited!

He and his wife were celebrating 25 years married this year and he had a plan to include their children, their grandchildren and all of those closest to them, in a secret celebration. His plan worked, and under the ruse of attending a party for their son, they arrived and he led her through the hall to a special piece of music, and then rapturous applause followed!


ceremony setting


We welcomed them both, and I gave her some time to adjust whilst I explained why were all there.

". . .and so here we are today, two and a half decades on from your wedding day, celebrating all that you have achieved, and acknowledging your dedication and commitment to one another."


original weding

original wedding couple on day


We created a lovely little ceremony that acknowledged all of the special people in their life, talked about their families blending together all those years ago, and how they have weathered many storms, but also celebrated some wonderful moments too.

"Now 25 years (almost to the day!) after they initially joined together, we find ourselves here, on this wonderful afternoon, inspired by their journey."

It was a wonderful step back in time for this family, recounting memories from years ago, and then topping it all off with a great speech by Gary's brother.


surprise ceremony


Just when Kay thought the surprises were all but done, Gary produced a beautiful eternity ring and amidst gasps of joy and a huge round of applause he slid the ring on Kay's finger.

It really couldn't have gone any better, and we concluded the ceremony and invited family up to congratulate this amazing couple.

It warms my heart to be a part of such wonderful celebrations and I wish Gary and Kay (and their super families) lots of love and happiness for their future.


(images taken by Jenny Knight during set-up)



Venue: Bracknell Rugby Club (

Celebrant: Jenny Knight (


silver wedding anniversary

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