Stunning final wedding of the 2023 season at Hedsor!

There's so much I could say about my couple that recently wed at Hedsor, but I'll let my images do most of the talking.

They are parents to two young boys, both with huge amounts of wedding and events experience in the hospitality business, oh, and they are so in love!

hedsor house

sunny day at hedsor


When they approached me I could tell that they were going to have the most fabulous day, and on Thursday 23rd November, their plans came to life and the day was indeed amazing!!

When I arrived the skies were blue, the house looked incredible, and there was a buzz about the place as the suppliers were busy putting the finishing touches in place. The lovely and super-organised Lucy from P&G was there to greet me and had everything under control. Her team were phenomenal and all very friendly and helpful.


cake at hedsor



As guests started to arrive, and we edged closer to the start time for the ceremony, excitement was building and I popped up to see the bride to check-in. Having confirmed a few details with her, and having checked in with the groom and the ring bearer (the groom's father), we were ready to go.


bride and maid of honour

jenny and bride at hedsor

veil at hedsor


As the doors opened and the bridal party entered, there were smiles aplenty, and the groom stood eagerly awaiting his beautiful bride. She looked sensational in a gorgeous gown, hand-crafted veil, and beautiful crown. The couple's two little boys soon joined them, keen to be united with mum and dad, and the ceremony began.


family wedding

staircase at hedsor

welcome to hedsor


With a warm welcome for all, and acknowledgements made of those that could not travel or be with them, Elicia's mum and dad both stood to give her away and I shared words about what their relationship means to them. The groom Stephen looked very dapper in his suit and was looking proudly on as his lovely family became stars of the celebrations!


groom and best man

ceremony at hedsor


We had a lovely reading by the Maid of Honour, and then it was my turn to share their love story.  As has been popular this year with my couples, I wrote this as a very personal and bespoke poem, and it went down a storm! It's a wonderful way to take everyone on a journey and I can always see everyone listening eagerly and there's always laughter too!


jenny knight at hedsor house

knight ceremonies at hedsor house


With the couple's vows shared and their own words read to each other, they then exchanged rings and the couple signed their celebratory certificate along with their two witnesses. As I brought them back into the space and began concluding, talking about all that we had just witnessed, the room filled with smiles, and then their guests took to their feet and welcomed the newlyweds with lots of cheers and with ribbon wands in hand. It was quite the moment!


ceremony hedsor

bride and groom hedsor

knight ceremonies wedding at hedsor house


After a well-deserved few minutes to themselves and a drink to rehydrate, it was time to head outside as all of their guests were gathered on the steps to the house, and armed with paper aeroplanes ready to throw overhead. I did a second announcement and cheers went up again.


confetti alternative at hedsor

bride at hedsor


Elicia and Stephen, I wish you both a future filled with love, happiness, and lots more adventures!


Jenny x

celebrant hedsor house


Dream Team:

Jenny at Knight Ceremonies

Lucy and her team at Payne & Gunter (Caterers)

Fay Summerfield (Photographer)

Charlie Woodall (videographer)

The amazing Glow AV Hire (Music & PA system)

Shake and Stir’ (Bar)

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