Beautiful Wedding at the Tithe Barn

Ooh this was a special day!! It was the wedding of two amazing people at the most fabulous venue, and the sun shone for us all and everything was just brilliant!

I arrived to see blue skies and very green lawns and the most spectacular views of the countryside! It was going to be a great day!


tithe barn grounds

tithe barn views

tithe barn petersfield


As I entered the beautiful brick built barn I could see the level of detail that had gone into this wedding and it all looked beautiful. 

With gorgeous signage, and decor adorning the barn, it looked elegant and just perfect for this lovely venue.


inside tithe barn

table plan

some flower tithe barn


After completing my usual checks and having chatted to the groom and his brother (the best man), guests began arriving and the atmosphere changed into that of excitement, anticipation and there was a lot of chatter about how lovely it all looked!


knight ceremonies at tithe barn


As we seated the guests, we were awaiting a very close friend of the bride, and so I delivered my 'housekeeping messages' and then popped back out to wait with the bride, her father and her lovely bridesmaids. 

The sun was shining and it was nice to enjoy some pre-wedding laughter and our lovely photographer ( captured some wonderful shots of the bridal party as we waited.


unplugged ceremony


Once our last bridesmaid had joined us, it was time to return to the barn and await the final cue that we could begin.  As the music played (the 'Beauty and the Beast' theme music!), our Disney-loving Bride and her entourage entered and we guided everyone into position.

As I welcomed everyone, I looked around at the bride and groom's nearest and dearest and saw lots of adoring glances at the happy couple, and a few tears being shed. 




We began with a reading by the bride's lovely step-mum (who looked amazing and read perfectly!) and then took everyone on a trip down memory lane as we talked about our couple's journey so far.   These two amazing people have achieved a great deal already, and have both been extremely focussed as they completed degrees and pursued their dream careers.  


"I believe it is their long-standing friendship, their support of one another and their strong bond, one developed over many years, that has helped them overcome any geographical challenges, and their standing here today is a testament to this."


We invited the bride's sister (and bridesmaid) to join us to create a wedding memories box and they added love letters, copies of the couple's personal words to one another, a secret note from the bride's grandmother, and a copy of their invitation to the wedding. 

We talked about what it means to be married and the art of giving and taking, and how keeping a record of all that they have achieved, will be a wonderful creation that they can look back on at each milestone anniversary.


happy couple

bride and groom


As the couple said their vows and exchanged their rings, I could see just how much they mean to one another.  It was a perfect moment and one that I am sure they will cherish.

After signing their certificate with their 'witnesses' (the bride's grandmother and family friend Rachel), we concluded with a re-cap of what these two lovebirds had just undertaken and looked ahead to their future as a married couple.




After enjoying some time together, we co-ordinated their guests outside ready for the confetti throw and everyone welcomed the new Mr & Mrs with cheers and a showering of dried petals. 

It was just so lovely, and great to see everyone afterwards enjoying the views, the grounds and the amazing drinks and ice cream caravan!




Congratulations Amber and Will on a fabulous wedding and may your future be filled with love and happiness.


shepherds hut


(All images used in this blog were taken by Jenny Knight during set up and post-ceremony)


Dream Team:

Celebrant: Jenny Knight (





jenny and friends

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