Amazing Wasing Wedding!

I was overjoyed to be working with my couple today.  They have been such fun and so friendly, and it was all set to be the most wonderful day for them today at the beautiful Wasing Park in Berkshire.

Having met my brides over a year ago, we began setting out their ceremony plans, adding details as we went along, and building quite the personal celebration. One of my brides was particularly nervous about her speaking parts but we worked together and made sure she was happy and actually she was brilliant today and I was so very proud of them both!


wasing ceremony

absent loved ones

loved and lost


With a fabulous and unique ceremony under wraps, their guests arrived unaware of the surprises that were in store.  It was to be a relaxed, informal and very inclusive ceremony, and in such a light and bright setting.  The space was the perfect backdrop to their wedding day.


brides sign


As I arrived, there were guests and suppliers all busying themselves, getting ready and setting up, and I had a stream of members of the wedding party all checking in with me about their involvement in the ceremony, and so we had a few run through's of things like the entrance of the bridal party, the positioning, the movements during the service, and the music cues.


wasing park weddings

jay anderson

knight ceremonies wasing park


With a few photos taken of the space, I hopped over to see the couple and to check off a few last-minute bits, and everything was then set, and ready to go!  

With guests seated and messages delivered, it was time to greet my bridal party and to soothe a few nerves.  As the doors opened, both mums entered, followed by flower girl and page boy, bridesmaids and then the first of my brides and her father, and then the second of my brides and her father. 

It was a split procession with doors closing and change of music part way through too, and the anticipation in the room grew as everyone entered, and I could see a few guests already with tears at the arrival of the couple into the ceremony space.




Everyone was so lovely, and clearly very happy for the couple which is always so wonderful to see.  As we welcomed everyone and completed the more formal parts of the ceremony, the couple relaxed on their seats and enjoyed two lovely readings, and I had the pleasure of sharing details of their story so far.  


"When I asked Marion and Clare what it was that made their relationship work, they told me that their acceptance of each other’s ways and attributes is key. Being able to allow the other to just be who they are is really important."


Their guests raised the roof when it was their turn to get involved, and we made sure that every single person there felt a part of what was happening, and even had a surprise for two very important family members as well.  With emotions running high and lots of joy in the room, we moved on to the vows and the couple then shared their own words with one another.  They were both so eloquent, and the words they had written just so personal and heartfelt.


chair decor

wasing park



I could see guests all watery-eyed, and then bursting into laughter as the brides shared promises and acknowledged each other's traits and pledged to support one another through all things.

After completing their commemorative certificate, I presented them back to their guests and confetti and huge cheers rained down on them as they left the ceremony room for drinks with everyone outside.



reception drinks


wasing drinks reception


These two are just the loveliest people, and I know they will continue to be so happy together.

Thank you Marion and Clare for allowing me to tell your story and to create a lovely warm and personal ceremony for you.  It really was an honour.




marion and clare wasing park



Dream Team:

Venue: Molly and the team at Wasing Park

Celebrant: Jenny at Knight Ceremonies

Videographer: Jay Anderson


Florist: Flowers by Helen Elizabeth



wasing park






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