Ceremony at Ditton Park Manor (Berkshire)

Today was a super day for our couple who were enjoying the third of three ceremonies, along with a huge reception banquet (for over 400 people) at the stunning Ditton Park Manor in Berkshire.

Working with these two has been a joy, they have shared memories and stories with us in order that we could write a personal ceremony, and today all of the hard work came to fruition. Months of planning, and anxieties about weather and even a health scare could not dampen spirits for these two today.

ditton park manor

Surrounded by 120 guests for the ceremony, they had their story told, and a fabulous reading from four of their bridesmaids. We then heard from the grooms close friend, and the couple opted for some lovely vows and then shared some personal words which were not scripted at all. They spoke from the heart and acknowledged their situation after some harrowing news, and committed to one another through sickness and health. . .a line which was particularly poignant today.

castle  guest list

This couple are a true team, and a joy to work with, congratulations Mr & Mrs Arshad!!


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