Frequently Asked Questions And Fees

Can I have more information about your fees and service?


Of course!  As your celebrants, we provide a very bespoke service and our fees vary depending on the location, type, and scale of the event, and the number of client meetings and points of liaison/complexity (wedding planners/concierge, etc). 

We have a fabulous (and growing) reputation for being one of the best teams in the country and our experience and knowledge shines through.  You really are in safe hands with us!




Our fees for 2024 are:

  • Weddings from £850 
  • Vow Renewals from £850 (if on a weekend daytime/peak date.  If an evening/non-peak date, this reduces to £650)
  • Baby Naming ceremonies £400* (prices held)


Our fees for 2025 & 2026 are:

  • Weddings from £850 (if booked before 31 March 2024)
  • Vow Renewals from £850 (if on a weekend daytime/peak date.  If an evening/non-peak date, this reduces to £700)
  • Baby Naming ceremonies £400* (prices held)

* This fee applies if the event is on an off-peak weekend date or an evening. 


(These fees apply to all venues and settings within a 10 mile radius of the celebrant's home.  Travel (and other associated fees) may apply but are agreed with each client on an individual basis.) 

Setting your budget is difficult, especially for such a special day, but we like to think that our couples know the real value that we add.  We can make a huge difference to your planning stage too, with a well-reputed professional process in place, years of experience and heaps of great knowledge.   We can guide you towards your big day and answer any questions that you may have, plus there is plenty of fun along the way!





What is involved?



Secure your date!

Writing commences

Venue visit

We shape your ceremony  

Check-in call

Your big day!  


Detailed Timeline



Click here for more details on your legal signing, and the process behind planning your celebrant-led wedding.

Are you affiliated to any religion or belief?


I am not affiliated to any particular belief system and therefore retain a neutral standing. I am of course happy to incorporate elements of your religion into your ceremony and am able to provide some lovely suggestions on how you may be able to do so.

I am a huge believer in the term "love is love", and I am an LGBTQ-friendly celebrant with a growing reputation within the community for embracing diversity.

Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions, or you would like a chat about your big day. I would love to hear from you!




Why should we book Knight Ceremonies?


When you book with us, you really are in safe hands!  We care about you and will lead your ceremony with warmth and charisma, and make sure you feel as relaxed as possible, and ready to enjoy your special celebration. 


  • There are NO RESTRICTIONS with a celebrant
  • You get to meet us and have a venue visit too!
  • You can have your ceremony where and when you want to
  • You can also shape the content, the format, and the feel of your day as well


We have over 30 years in this wonderful business, we are well-reputed, and have lots of lovely reviews too!  Hop over to see my popular blog post here, on why a celebrant-led ceremony could be for you.


Your Celebrant

Your Celebrant

You get to MEET us!

We have a venue visit

You have input into your ceremony

There is laughter along the way!

In our Experience

In Our Experience

We KNOW weddings

We are well-reputed within the industry

We offer guidance and support

We manage your ceremony on the day


Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Warm, engaging and fun ceremonies!

Getting your guests involved

Working with your suppliers

Keeping you relaxed and at ease

We LOVE what we do and it shows!



Over 30 years of wedding experience

Professionally trained, certified and insured

We are PROFESSIONAL, and TRUSTED by our couples